Maintain your Roof to Make it Last

A polyurethane spray foam roofing system is one of the best investments you can make for your flat or low slope roof property. Temperature control, energy savings, structural solidity and a 10-15 year warranty are all great advantages. If applied properly, spray foam roofing systems can last as long as your property.

However, having a great spray foam roofing system, even when professionally applied, doesn’t mean you can spray and forget. Hail, tree debris, pollen build-up are all hazards that can create damage the surface and threaten ponding, cracking and leakage. Your roof is an essential part of your house. Proper maintenance saves you money, nips potential problems in the bud and ensures a long-lasting investment.

One of our customers has a beautiful Santa Fe style home.

She installed a spray foam roofing system way back in 1991. Recently she suspected some issues and had small leak in her garage. Knowing spray foam roofing is our expertise, she asked us for a free inspection. We appreciate how spray foam roofs wear over time and understand their properties. Our team looked at her roof carefully. Even though the roof was several years old, we knew that an expensive roof replacement was not needed. The foam was solid. What had worn over time was the coating. Here were some areas of concern.

Our recommendation for roofs like this is maintenance. Our team removed debris, scrubbed and pressure washed the entire surface. We then primed the roof and carefully applied multiple layers of elastomeric acrylic coating, paying particular attention to areas of concern.

Our customer’s roof now looks as good as new.

She can expect many more years of solid protection. If you suspect issues call us for your free inspection: it can save you time and money.


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